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About DMA

    COMPANY: DMA International Co., Limited Referred to as DMA company, it is a comprehensive company specializing in system  integration, technology development, technical services, and import and export trade. The technical field is mainly  for mechanical quantity testing and calibration.

    BUSINESS SCOPE:  Import instruments and equipment, provide the installation and training service. By technical development, provide  customers with technical consulting services and complete experimental solutions in the field of mechanical  measurement. 

    COOPERATION:  Building a close and stable cooperative relationship with many domestic and foreign manufacturers and research  institutes, and represent the products of many well-known European and American manufacturers. In cooperation  with the China Huadian Electric Power Research Institute (Huadian Electric Power Research Institute), in conjunction  with the German company SPEKTRA, an online verification and calibration system for the power system has been  developed, which provides equipment reliability testing methods for the China Huadian Group ’s online monitoring  and protection system; located in Hangzhou, China The Joint Mechanics Metrology Laboratory was established by  DMA company and China Huadian Electric Power Academy to introduce the German SPEKTRA vibration calibration  series products. The advanced measurement methods provide excellent detection methods for power plant users. 

    ACHIEVEMENTS:  The main members of the company have more than 20 years of experience in this field. Over the years, it has served  domestic users in many fields, such as aerospace, shipping, electronics, railways, automobiles, electricity, civil  engineering, education and research, etc. 

    APPLICATIONS: Seismic wave monitoring, environmental experiments, modal analysis, vibration and noise, car crashes, engine tests,  vibration, force, pressure calibration tests, high-speed rail operation tests, underwater vibration and pressure tests,  road and bridge vibration tests, dam strength test, power plant high frequency signal test, building pile foundation  test, condition monitoring, fault diagnosis, flight test, etc. 


Headquarter: Room D603, Roman Garden, No. 18 Huixin West Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China,  Phone: (86) 10-64813488 Fax: (86) 10-64813489 

Shanghai Branch: No5, 2059 Ave. Huqingping  Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai, China 

Dalian Branch: 2-401, 70 Kehai Street, High-tech Park, Dalian, China 

Hangzhou Laboratory: No. 10, Xiyuan Road 1, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China

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